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Hey! Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to check out my little blog corner. My hope is that you see your journey in mine and that you are inspired to master your money management game for good. I am a single 30 something lady born and raised on the East Coast  (NYC to be and exact 😀 ) and is currently in the midst of paying off $16, 351.82 in student loan debt.

I was raised by two loving parents whose money philosophies weren’t much different from the norm, they worked hard, shopped to maintain their household but loved their goodies (Mom clothes, Dad electronics ha), kept rotating consumer debt but lived pretty much paycheck to paycheck. So I never thought twice about taking out $27,000 in student loans thinking that I would get a job and pay it off. Eventually. I never prioritized it so the debt became not only a crutch in some sense, I talked about it further in this post but kept me in jobs, apartments etc that I  couldn’t stand. I decided to take my debt payoff seriously at the end of 2016 and haven’t looked back. I’ve paid off about $6000 since then and fully intend to accelerate things even more.

My biggest financial goal is to become very investment savvy and facilitate and share my investment knowledge with you guys!

Thanks again for stopping by!