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My “No Spend” March Recap – Tears Were Shed LOL

So guys this is embarrassing to admit, but my No Spend March wasn’t as successful as I thought it be. While I did find myself curbing my spending , I did not 100% commit to the process and found that not only did I eat out,

my spending in this category was not that much different from previous months! OK I did spend $40 less this month on eating out than last month but still! I also broke down and brought a grey vegan leather jacket at thrift store for $10 bucks yesterday lol. I know it’s only $10 but this  still flies in the face of the no spend challenge. I felt awful especially since it was the LAST day of the challenge.

Categories where I over spent

I tend to re-live the past over and over again and I’m re-programming my brain to get out of this thinking. I’m currently reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and picking up a few gems along the way (full book review coming soon 😉 ). Like if I’m driving on the highway, I can’t look ahead at the road in front of me and in my rear view mirror at the same time. That would result in a guaranteed car wreck. So instead of beating myself up , I’m focusing on living in the moment and uprooting those triggers that are causing me to spend unnecessarily . So that is my focus for April!

My Takeaways From My No Spend

Maintain Your Integrity On This Journey. I found myself categorizing my eating out food under my grocery budget thinking that I could just take money away from this category and plan my grocery budget around that. Big mistake! Not only is this not a truthful representation of my spending, I felt bad about myself, excusing my lack of control around this area. I have to be honest with myself as far as where I have to make serious adjustments to how I am managing my money.

Review what went wrong and re-adjust. Many times when we don’t hit our goals we shrug our shoulders instead of examining the underlying reasons (or obvious reasons) behind missing our target. I ate out more often this month simply because I didn’t meal plan which is imperative for me considering I have no lunch options at work besides the bland offerings of the cafeteria in my building. I’ve identified for April that I must have a food plan to start each week or I will be in the exact same position for April.

I Did Do Somethings Right. In The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson talks about Harnessing the Power of Celebration where he says we should make note of the positive steps we are taking.  I have been keeping up with my 52 Week Savings Challenge so that’s good!


Well friends that’s all for now but did you take part in a No Spend Challenge last month? How did it go? What did you learn? Feel free to comment below or contact me directly!!

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