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Habit Metamorphosis

I’m implementing a series of behaviors, small habit changes that will positively impact my everyday routine. Time to stop waking up like it’s an accident and design my life. I realized the best place to start is to analyze and monitor my  habits.

Why do we partake in certain bad habits? What drives it ? Is it fear? Boredom? Habit is a powerful thing that automates and ingratiates itself into our brains and everyday routines, for good or for bad. Here are the steps that I am taking to shift the bad habits to good ones that will help me reach my destination

  1. Identify the problem/ bad habits

One bad habit I’m changing is that first thing in the morning, I’m reaching for my phone. We all do it. Checking the weather, reading my timeline or scrolling through Instagram. Spending precious time on things not related to building ME up.

2. Identify the solutions/good habits that are equivalent to the bad habit

One helpful remedy is to physically keep the phone far away. Like charge it across the room and resist the urge to respond to the ping. Groundbreaking I know! But seriously it’s been a big help. The first thing I do now is offer up a prayer to the Creator , thanking him for everything. I then try to write down my goal list for the day. Write down all you can remember and be realistic. Instead of spending hours watching YouTube (crazy!) , I now limit it to Sundays and try not to OD.

3. Be mindful of reverting back

If you do it’s not the end of the world. For me I realized I crave distraction because I sometimes have a very short attention span when I’m trying to focus on a particularly important task. I remind my self why it is important and that it will ultimately move me one step closer to my goals. Plus your confidence quotient will go up because you are doing what you said you were going to do.

4. Do not give up.

You will stumble but so what. Nobody who trips and falls out in the world, continues to lay down on the sidewalk. You get back up. Changing your bad habits is no different and you will wake up and realize that the good habits have overtaken the bad ones.

5. Reward Yourself

When you do have quick wins in changing behaviors for the better, don’t forget to celebrate. Watch that inspirational movie or two in your Netflix cue or buy that (reasonably priced) sweater you’ve been eyeing.

I really enjoyed reading this book, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg that pulls back the curtain on the part of our brains where habits form, how they form and the “habit loop” that includes cues or triggers , routines and rewards. It really helped me to pinpoint my “why” and offered suggestions on changing habits once and for all. Not easy to implement but it is possible!


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