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    Recapping From July, August and Fixing My Bad Money Habits in September


    Why hey there! So I know I haven’t posted for a few weeks but I’m not going to start with the usual canned excuses “oh life got in the way”, “things are super busy at work”, “I’ve been so tired” ….and the list goes on. While I experienced all of those aforementioned reasons that have kept me away from the blog, it is really no excuse not to follow through on those goals I made way back in December 2017. Every time I delay my dreams of making this blog a success and going full time with it, I push back the realization of those dreams an entire day , week , month and year. And a year turns into years with no real progress made. And it is a constant withdrawal of my self esteem bank account. So with that I’m re-committing to consistency.

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    5 FREE Things To Do This Weekend!


    Woo hey guys it’s been a minute! So I actually rescheduled my LSAT date for November and I have been using my extra time to prepare for it. FINALLY. I’m finally pulling the trigger on a long held goal and it feels pretty good. I also don’t want to let this blog and other responsibilities fall by the wayside, so I’m working on time management. Anyhoo, planning to get out this weekend? Here a few (some unconventional) things that you can do this weekend without spending a dime. Continue reading…


    4 Tips To Get Your Money Management Routine Back On Track

    So there are times when we find ourselves looking into the face of the middle or end of month and those financial goals that we set , the staying on budget, keeping up the debt snowball or saving for a house has seemingly begun to fade. This was me all this month! I’ve been buying clothes like crazy ( mind you I gave away a lot of stuff in an effort to build a capsule wardrobe but I need a reset) and I need to stay far, far, FAR away from Zara for a while. I did send at least $1600 to Navient this month so I figured I could loosen the reins a bit but I need to refocus :). Continue reading…

    Single Girl Budgeting

    Who is Strong Fragile Finance?


    Hi amazing readers! I thought since you took time out of your busy to day to spend time with me , I should formally introduce my (semi) anonymous self :).  It took me awhile to figure out the message I wanted to get across via this blog. At my core, I really want to help people (particularly single women) have fun with their money without taking it too seriously. I figured by sharing my wins and failures with money, you can avoid some pitfalls. Now while having money is a necessity for basic things, we should be careful not to put our entire trust in it.  Having a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee wealth, good health, security or happiness. The recession of 2008 taught us that we can lose material wealth at any time through no fault of our own. Unfortunately we are not 100% in control of the money markets, financial institutions nor are we in control of who control them. BUT that’s not to say we leave the management of our heard earned cash up to chance, we want to be responsible stewards of it, basically be balanced! Continue reading…


    5 Credit Card Tips You Must Know – The Basics

    Sorry I’m late with this post (Mondays are my usual posting days, no excuses) but I attended and worked a charity event over the weekend , along with the typical weekend chores , food shopping, cleaning….ok this is boring let’s get into the post shall we!

    There are dueling schools of thought around how a person should manage their credit card debt let alone having a credit card in the first place. Continue reading…

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    My New Student Loan Balance! And Tips For The Right Mindset On This Journey

    I started February 2018 with a student loan balance of $17, 667.52. As of April 2018, the balance stands at $15, 962.21. Meaning that so far, I’ve paid off almost half of what I originally owed on the loan. Actually,  when I think of it , I let the balance balloon up to $36,000 so I paid off even more debt than I had! This journey has been enlightening in so many ways and has taught me the benefit of being focused, determined and patient. Continue reading…

    Self Confidence vs Self- Esteem

    Growth Talk: Self- Esteem and Self -Confidence. What’s the difference?

    Hey there! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I’ve been making an effort to do some deep dive work on mah self, analyzing the reasoning behind some of the past decisions I’ve made around money. As you might know, there is a definite connection between how we feel about ourselves and our spending patterns.

    I know that for me in my 20’s when I was living with the fam bam in Florida, the fact that my career seemed to be stalling , that I never went to law school or took the LSAT for that matter , left me feeling

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    Strong Fragile Finance

    It’s Chapter 4 of 2018- My Q1 Financial Hits and Misses!


    Yes it’s already April . But I’m learning to stop marveling at/focusing on how fast time seems to fly and think more about how I am maximizing my time here on God’s green Earth. Have I learned to stop competing with others and aim to be a better person than I was last year around this same time? Am I learning to live in the moment and not in the past or the future? Am I becoming a better steward of my money? Am I content? I must admit I am a work in progress in these matters but the best part about reflection and growth is to recognize that there is work to be done and get down to the business of of actually doing it.

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