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4 Tips To Get Your Money Management Routine Back On Track

So there are times when we find ourselves looking into the face of the middle or end of month and those financial goals that we set , the staying on budget, keeping up the debt snowball or saving for a house has seemingly begun to fade. This was me all this month! I’ve been buying …

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5 Credit Card Tips You Must Know – The Basics

Sorry I’m late with this post (Mondays are my usual posting days, no excuses) but I attended and worked a charity event over the weekend , along with the typical weekend chores , food shopping, cleaning….ok this is boring let’s get into the post shall we! There are dueling schools of thought around how a …

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My New Student Loan Balance! And Tips For The Right Mindset On This Journey

I started February 2018 with a student loan balance of $17, 667.52. As of April 2018, the balance stands at $15, 962.21. Meaning that so far, I’ve paid off almost half of what I originally owed on the loan. Actually,  when I think of it , I let the balance balloon up to $36,000 so I …

Self Confidence vs Self- Esteem
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Growth Talk: Self- Esteem and Self -Confidence. What’s the difference?

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I’ve been making an effort to do some deep dive work on mah self, analyzing the reasoning behind some of the past decisions I’ve made around money. As you might know, there is a definite connection between how we feel about ourselves and our spending patterns. …